All 47 Sports and Fitness Activities, Ranked

All 47 Sports and Fitness Activities, Ranked

In this world, there are many ways to exercise. Some are actual sports; others are specific types of exercise; all will make you sweat, somehow. We have ranked them in scientific order, based on the following criteria: Physical Difficulty; Amount That You Would Be Humiliated If You Tried to Just Waltz In and Do Them Like Some Big Shot Because You Thought They Would Be Easy; and Overall Hardcoreness. Fake bullshit sports are not included. All rankings are final.

47) Walking
46) Tai Chi
45) Water Aerobics
44) Stretching in General
43) Jogging
42) Zumba or Similar Dance-Based Fitness Class
41) Yoga
40) Isometrics
39) Volleyball
38) Pole Dancing, for Work or Pleasure
37) Skating, Ice or Roller
36) Water Skiing or other Boat-Assisted Water Sport
35) Arm Wrestling
34) Baseball
33) Calisthenics
32) Jumping Rope
31) BMX Bike-Riding
30) Skateboarding
29) Surfing
28) Mountaineering
27) Tennis or other Racket Sport
26) Canoeing, Kayaking, or other Rowing
25) Skiing, Snowboarding, or other Snow-Sliding
24) Hockey
23) Soccer
22) Diving
21) Bicycling (Racing)
20) Jumping, High and/ or Far
19) Sprinting
18) Throwing Heavy Objects for Distance
17) Sword Fighting (Non-Lethal)
16) Basketball
15) Kung-Fu or Similar Show-Offy Martial Art
14) Marathon Running
13) Pole Vaulting
12) Rock Climbing
11) Hurdles
10) Football
9) Powerlifting
8) Crossfit
7) Boxing
6) Wrestling
5) Triathlons
4) Ballet
3) MMA
2) Gymnastics
1) Super Squats

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