Check out these 9 Fascinating Facts about X-rays

The invention of x-ray has done wonders in the field of medicine. Its contribution in the world of medical science has been phenomenal. Today, X-ray is considered to be an indispensable tool in our lives. Following are some amazing facts related to this invention which has contributed immensely in the field of science:

© Nevit Dilmen

  1. The discovery of X-ray happened in Germany in 1895, by the scientist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, while performing a research on cathode rays. X-ray discovery had happened accidentally! Owing to its inventor, X-rays are also named as Rontgen radiation.
  2.  It is a known fact that X- ray is a kind of electromagnetic radiation, having a wavelength which is as minute as 4 billionth part of an inch! They are shorter than the UV rays but longer than gamma rays.
  3.  Due to their unknown nature, they were given the name “X-rays”.
  4.  Today, X-rays are used in the treatment of various dreadful ailments like cancer, fracture, tumors etc, by passing intense radiation through the affected part and taking the image.
  5.  X-rays can easily pass through the soft tissues of our body. Our bones, due to having dense calcium, block the rays. But, at the same time, soft tissues like muscle and skin let the rays pass through them.
  6.  X-rays have been extremely beneficial in diagnosing defects and ailments related to bones.
  7.  The primary sources of X-rays are galaxies and stars. The remnants of Crab nebula and other such supernovae emit strong X-rays.
  8.   One more important use of X-rays is CAT scan in which very thin beams are used to get a clear image of various body organs.
  9.  Scientists used X-ray to verify the theory of ‘crystallography’.