plastic surgery

What is Plastic Surgery Addiction?

Plastic surgery is all over the media these days, touted by top stars as their means of attaining physical “perfection”. It has become accepted and indeed commonplace in today’s society, especially with the advent on non-invasive procedures such as Botox. In fact, in 2007 the American Society of Aesthic Surgery reported that almost 13.2 billion dollars was spent on plastic surgery, a 17% increase over the previous year. The total number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures has skyrocketed by 457% and growing since the statistics began to be recorded, and nearly 11.7 million surgical and non surgical procedures were performed in the year 2007. Statistics are unavailable for the year 2010, but the media coverage and public awareness keep growing at astronomical rates. Plastic surgery can be extremely addictive; people get hooked on the rush or high of being “beautiful” or being just like popular celebrities, often at their own detriment.