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Dad……………Lil’ Suzie……………….Mom

Lil’ Suzie walked into the bathroom while her dad was urinating and pointed to her dad’s penis and asked her dad, “what’s that?” Dad quickly zipped up and said “It’s a banana”. Later on Lil’ Suzie was taking a shower with her mother and noticed the hair on her mom’s vagina and asked her mom, “What’s that?” Mom answered “It’s a gorilla”.  Mom and dad talked about what happened and they both laughed. The next day Lil’ Suzie was sitting outside on the porch playing with her dolls when her dad comes home early from work and asked Suzie why she was outside by herself. Suzie replied “I was inside and walked into

Uncle Billy
Uncle Billy

mommy’s room where uncle Billy was feeding his banana to mommy’s gorilla and mommy screamed at me so I came outside”.