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“This is for Christina, thank you for your comments and for being the first person, not in my family, to comment.”



cop hitting a bong

I’m going to make this short. I was in law enforcement for twenty years doing various things. My expertise was letting the other guy handle it. I was deemed too laid back for the field or not aggressive enough. My supervisor’s biggest complaint was that I never received an official complaint from anyone I apprehended or ever discharged my weapon. I have traveled too many countries, Israel being one of my favorites, and never got the cooties. I’ve been to almost every state at least once looking for bad guys, criminals, but was lucky enough to find bad girls, not criminals.

I’m a father first and foremost and contrary to popular belief, your kid is not the best, mine is.

I’m divorced to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world,except when we were married, then she was the frequency that killed Godzilla, now she is definitely an amazing mother and woman to cherish. Just Kidding, she was always amazing, I was very lucky to know and love her.

me and cata
Here we are at the beach, Manny

Now, I’m retired with injuries and other factors. That’s the same as friends with benefits except not the same. Smart people will get that and then I hope they will explain it to me.

Oh, by the way my name is Manuel De Gustavo Herrera Santiago Villarreal Gonzalez Hernandez, you can just call me Manny, hence the blog. If you google that, every Hispanic person on the world will pop up and that’s not my real name but Manny is.



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